The Ford Fusion Hybrid Entertains and Comforts for The Ride

Vehicles should be judged not just how they look or how they drive. They should also be judged by how comfortable they are and how safe they keep the passengers and drivers. This is how we judge our vehicles at Tri Star Ford Tyrone. We have judged the Ford Fusion Hybrid by that way and we were happy with what it has to offer.

Among the entertaining features that the Ford Fusion Hybrid has is SiriusXM satellite radio. It can be activated with voice command. There is also the navigation system from Sirius FM. The music of the sound system can be played through six speakers for an immersive experience.

For comfort and convenience, there is the front center console. You also have floor mats for the comfort of the ride. Safety features include Pre-Collision Assist and Automatic Emergency Braking. The Ford Fusion Hybrid makes sure that they have the features that will help you get to where you need safely.

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